Sunday, 19 August 2012

Douglas- Photos (Cover of all groups) Week 8 (2) Friday August 17th

 Good catch from Shaquille to Ben
 Michael getting ready to pass the ball.
 Ek Hern getting ready to throw the ball.
 Ek Hern throwing the ball.
 Dylan getting ready to throw the ball.
 Michael used the wrong way of catching the ball, which resulted in him dropping the ball.

Group 3 doing a cheer
 Shaquille and Ibrahim snatching for the ball...
 ...and Shaquille got it, successfully blocking Ibrahim by turning around.
 Ben maintains excellent control of the ball even with opponents behind him.
 A successful block by Shaun. Observe his hands; it is the right way to catch the ball.
 The ball is turned away
 A whole bunch of people fighting for the ball. It was quite messy.
 Michael successfully blocks Ain who holding the ball. Observe Michael's leg action. It is spread out to cover more area so as to block Ain.
 One falls, some follow. That was not too good as people were just simply dashing for the ball without thinking much.
 Ek Hern standing guard at the goal post. He looks quite idle but in fact, when the ball comes towards him he will get active.
 As mentioned earlier, everybody dashes for the ball.
 Ek Hern manages yet another successful throw.
 Shaquille and Ikmal fighting for the ball. Notice how Shaquille blocks Ikmal by turning his back on him.
 Ek Hern ready to receive the ball, which he manages afterwards.
 Irfan makes a successful throw to Ben.
 This is a screenshot of how Ibrahim hits the ball away in the middle of two opponents, Shaquille and Irfan. Fast reaction was the reason.
 Group 4 on the field, practicing their throws.

 Jun Kai throws the ball at the goalpost and Shaun gets ready to receive the ball outside the goalpost.
 The groups in action
The discussion of Group 1-their weaknesses and strong points were brought up.

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